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This community is for BL/Yaoi fanfiction Prompts. Occassionally, we'll throw in an art themed contest for the heck of it. And because this is a BL/Yaoi Comm, that would be the expected themes of the submissions.

The Mission: Every 1-2 weeks, an assignment will be posted with specific deadline due. For the entries to qualify, you must fullfill the criterias listed. You may enter as many times as you like and you may post it as soon as you are finished.

We require the entries to have been written for the posted challenge. Given the time limit and competitive nature it would be unfair to submit work that was pre-written and happened to meet the challenge at the time.

You may team-up, however, you should consider how to split the spoils.

You must be a member for your work to be considered in the 'running'. Anonymous postings will be deleted. And of course, if the judge-polling is used, you must be a member in order to vote.

Judging: Different methods maybe used. Sometimes we will count on how many comments a posting gained as votes. Other times, we may have secret pre-selected judges in place to do the readings.

What's in it for you? We will have a great selection of swags from generous organizations such as Yaoi-Con/Biseinen-ya and Aestheticism. Prizes vary from autographed goods to doujinshi sets to rare anime omakes.

Magnum Opera encourages constructive criticism. If you mislike having your work taken apart, do not kick up a fuss. Such behaviour and users who display it will be ejected at the swiftest opportunity. Examples of comments would be, "I think that character A would not have behaved in such a way, perhaps X method is better." or "Your pacing needs to be tightened." and "alot of your description is superfluous."

Anyone may comment on your work, we trust you to be mature enough not to stalk them outside the community because of wounded pride.

Readers: Be nice. Posted work in a public comm is not your carte blanc for asshattery.

May you all present the finest work possible!